You’re Fired You’re Hired is a powerful, straight-talking, no-nonsense guide on how to deal with unexpected job loss, redundancy or sudden career change

In this motivational guidebook, Justin shares his own story and provides a tried and tested blueprint that will walk you through how to bounce back from unexpected job loss and secure your next role whilst working on your greatest asset – YOU!

Through his own experience and using proven techniques, tips, tricks, and life strategies you too can move from ‘Mess to Success’ quickly and move onto an exciting new chapter within your life.

Part 1 of the book will guide you through how to bounce back mentally, physically and spiritually from setback, through working on YOU during this transition whilst Part 2 of the book guides you through the strategies and techniques to get you back into the workplace and into your next role.


  • Realise any job loss isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. 
  • Bounce back from any sudden job loss. 
  • How to work on the greatest asset, you!
  • How to bulletproof your mindset.
  • How to form habits that effect lasting change.
  • How to prepare for your next role.
  • How to ‘Go To Market and secure your new role.
  • Recruitment processes and interviews.
  • How to negotiate and make a great start in your new role.

Let's Move You From Mess To Success